Graphic Design

Logos • Branding • Print Collateral • Signage • Marketing Material • Web Ads • Event collateral • invitations

Design is more than choosing a cool font and some great clipart. It is communicating to the consumer in a very intentional way. It all begins with a logo that fully represents you but can also be reproduced with ease. Due to our extensive expertise of print, we take this into consideration with every path we connect and swatch we click.

Logo design is the foundation of everything you will do from the inception of your business…so we would say...your logo is sort of IMPORTANT! Cohesive collateral further strengthens your brand and at Tivoli we understand that it is crucial to carry the design of the logo throughout every printed and computer-related piece of information. We materialize what you visualize.

Come to us with an idea of what you would like for a LOGO, POSTCARD, INVITATION, or BROCHURE and we can work through several designs until we achieve EXACTLY what speaks for your business.

Our design fees begin at $90/hr, but we do work efficiently and often quickly to create affordable designs



business cards • brochures • posters • print ads
mailers • postcards • signage • folders  • envelopes
invitations • car magnets • promotional items

Print is more than choosing a funky type of paper and a great place to put your logo. It is important to convey quality through great imagery. Low resolution images, poorly cropped postcards, gloss that scrapes off, clothing that has letters falling off and other printing disasters can be avoided when working with Tivoli Creative.

Yes, printng mishaps happen. But, when working with reliable vendors and possessing the understanding the quality of imagery needed to produce an excellent printed piece, these can become few and far between! We stand behind every order we send out and will not quit until you have the quality that you need! Always offering the highest quality in paper, 4 color printed pieces are produced on 14pt or 16pt cover and 100lb gloss text.

We prefer not to offer our clients anything less. The online companies offer products on 10 and 12pt which you could just print at your home or a local copy center. We offer alternatives such as Silk Laminated, Spot Gloss, Metallic Inks, Embossed, and synthetic materials that are both water resistant and tear-proof. We even offer Lenticular Products!


Website Design with Squarespace 

This has become a Do-It-Yourself small business society. Online design, print and web services have created easy solutions for any size business. This includes Squarespace, an online template service. We are BIG fans! The setup can be a bit complicated and often require design knowledge and elements. That is where we come in. We can set up your website and provide you with a tutorial on the maintenance of your site and you can begin to take control of your website. 

Template research, style sheets and setup begins at $300. Additional design begins at  $150/page

We've got Connections

Websites •  Videos • Photographers • Copywriters • Promotional Clothing • Signage

Missing an element to market or develop your business more effectively and efficiently? We've got someone for that - in fact, we have a team! From web designers, web developers, photographers, videographers, copywriters to providers of promotional items and clothing and sign makers, we will connect you with those who can give your business the quality exposure it needs. That leaves you to run your business and provide the service you know best!

Social Media &
Inbound Marketing

"I just don't get any of this social media stuff"
 "I've got a site: why isn't anyone visiting it?"

Print advertisement is not optimal for every business. In the 21st century we notice the population constantly engrossed with their smart phones, computers and tablets. Social media is a necessity for every business. It is dynamic, wide-reaching and inexpensive but can also be confusing, time-consuming and complex.

Tivoli is here to help. We offer plans to help your business set up the most popular social media platforms and maintain page interactions with current and potential consumers. These steps will help to create inbound marketing campaigns that drive consumers to your website (of which we can help you with too!).

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest have taken hold of the entire population from ages 6 to 100. Interactions on these platforms must become an integral part of your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and we will take all steps to make that the case.

Allow us to customize a plan that incorporates attractive profile pages, timed posts and ad campaigns that best suit your budget and business needs.  Plans can include anywhere from 4-24 tweets or posts per month, thought-provoking blogs, event-planning posts and monthly e-blasts.

Business Coaching & Development

Starting a business and making it profitable can be difficult (now that's an understatement!), and Tivoli Creative learned that the hard way! With no idea what we were doing we opened our doors in 24 hours from our company's inception and started running! Eight years later, we GOT it! We can help you GET IT too. We offer coaching and consulting on everything from the initial steps to open your business to marketing it in the modern world. We can stop you from spending your money on old-school methods and instead use current trends that will effectively help your business to succeed!